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Circuit Newsletter February 2020 

  • STARBASE Louisiana 2.0 Program
  • STARBASE graduate spotlight 

Circuit Newsletter March 2020

  • Top level STARBASE program recognition 
  • STARBASE graduate spotlight
  • STARBASE Wisconsin Girls in Aviation

Circuit Newsletter April 2020

  • STARBASE New Mexico Kahoot lessons
  • STARBASE Sioux Falls 25 year celebration 

Circuit Newsletter May 2020

  • STARBASE Kansas City Cyberpatriots 2.0 program
  • STARBASE Kingsley class spotlight
  • Rube Goldberg Inc. competition 

Circuit Newsletter June 2020

  • STARBASE Battle Creek Kellogg Community College partnership
  • STARBASE Edwards month of military child 

Circuit Newsletter July 2020

  • STARBASE Minnesota summer program
  • STARBASE 2.0 overview 
  • STARBASE Kelly Joint Base San Antonio Lackland Youth Center partnership 

Circuit Newsletter August 2020

  • STARBASE Los Alamitos Stratostar program
  • PTC Onshape overview
  • STARBASE Oregon summer academies 

Circuit Newsletter September 2020

  • STARBASE New Mexico 2.0 program
  • STARBASE Kansas City Dr. Cheryl Cooper spotlight
  • Covid adoptions for STARBASE

Circuit Newsletter October 2020

  • STARBASE Minnesota graduate spotlight 
  • STARBASE Winchester Shenandoah University spotlight
  • STARBASE Topeka gradate spotlight 

Circuit Newsletter November/December 2020

  • STARBASE Vandenberg launches 
  • STARBASE Hanscom Bridgewater State University partnership
  • STARBASE Los Alamitos 2.0 student spotlight
  • STARBASE Burns Flat Spaceport partnership 

Circuit Newsletter January 2021

  • Why Team Teaching is important for STARBASE
  • STARBASE Manhattan 2.0 program
  • STARBASE Sioux Falls volunteer spotlight 
  • STARBASE Louisiana Youth Challenge partnership 

Circuit Newsletter February 2021

  • STARBASE Tinker Women's Energy Network partnership 
  • STARBASE Edwards Lockheed Martin partnership
  • STARBASE Nellis STEMonstration virtual project

Circuit Newsletter March 2021

  • STARBASE Minnesota alumni volunteers 
  • STARBASE Arizona military partnerships 
  • STARBASE Idaho program update 
  • STARBASE Utah program update 

Circuit Newsletter April 2021

  • STARBASE Robins alumni spotlight
  • STARBASE Martinsburg hosts Director of Air National Guard 
  • STARBASE Montana staff spotlight 
  • STARBASE Salina 2.0 club

Circuit Newsletter May/June 2021

  • STARBASE Edwards embraces the culture 
  • STARBASE Martinsburg augmented reality sandbox
  • STARBASE Montana RFID inventory system
  • STARBASE Maxwell program spotlight 
  • STARBASE Peterson SPACED OUT program
  • STARBASE Kingsley adapting to covid 

Circuit Newsletter July/August 2021

  • Director's Workshop Update
  • STARBASE Minnesota-Duluth staff spotlight
  • STARBASE 3.0 program piloting
  • STARBASE Louisiana alumni spotlight 

Circuit Newsletter September 2021

  • STARBASE Connecticut YouTube channel
  • STARBASE Peterson teacher professional development 
  • STARBASE Los Alamitos rocketry program

Circuit Newsletter October 2021

  • STARBASE Directors visit PTC headquarters 
  • STARBASE Edwards Air Force Center visit 
  • STARBASE Guam launches 

Circuit Newsletter November/December 2021

  • STARBASE Robins 25th anniversary 
  • STARBASE Montana hosts Montana Governor 
  • STARBASE Wisconsin Aviation Careers Education partnership
  • STARBASE Winchester alumni spotlight 

Circuit Newsletter January/February 2022

  • STARBASE Directors Unite to support the Florida Defense Alliance 
  • STARBASE Kansas City Geothermal Energy 
  • STARBASE Guam hosts Stryker vehicles 

Circuit Newsletter March 2022

  • Director Launch Training 
  • STARBASE Camp Rilea hosts US Coast Guard 
  • STARBASE Minnesota alumni becomes instructor 
  • STARBASE Charlotte rocketry outreach 

Circuit Newsletter April 2022

  • STARBASE Pensacola launches 
  • STARBASE Kelly hosts All-Female empowerment day
  • STARBASE Salina 2.0 Robotics competition 
  • STARBASE Peterson program spotlight 
  • STARBASE West Virginia 2.0 drone program

Circuit Newsletter May 2022

  • STARBASE Central Florida launches 
  • STARBASE Arizona hosts Sen. Kelly's staff
  • STARBASE Hawaii hosts Sen. Kahele 
  • STARBASE Louisiana hosts national workshop 

Circuit Newsletter June 2022

  • STARBASE Hill hosts Sen. Romney's staff
  • STARBASE Robins alumni becomes instructor 
  • STARBASE Minnesota-St. Paul utilizes Happy Atoms tech
  • STARBASE Los Alamitos earns Innovation Award 

Circuit Newsletter July 2022

  • STARBASE JB MDL launches 
  • STARBASE Montana visits Montana National Guard Civil Support Team
  • STARBASE Wichita hosts US Naval staff
  • STARBASE New Mexico partners with New Mexico National Guard for STEM aviation event

Circuit Newsletter August/September 2022

  • STARBASE Vermont visual vocabulary 
  • STARBASE Salina summer camp spotlights 
  • STARBASE Goodfellow program spotlight 

Circuit Newsletter October 2022

  • STARBASE Robbins Educational Research 
  • STARBASE Peterson summer camp success
  • STARBASE Henderson letter of support
  • STARBASE Fort Drum program highlight 

Circuit Newsletter November/December 2022

  • STARBASE Peterson Welcomes Special Guests
  • STARBASE 3.0 Collaborative Effort 
  • STARBASE Hanscom/Bridgewater Statue University Partnership

Circuit Newsletter January 2023

  • STARBASE Martinsburg Community STEM night
  • STARBASE Kansas hosts VIPS
  • STARBASE Henderson Opens
  • STARBASE Montana partnership with ANG C-130 Hercules 
  • STARBASE Hill hosts Air Force Recruiting Service for national ad shoot
  • STARBASE Battle Creek hosts Fall Family Day

Circuit Newsletter February 2023

  • STARBASE High Sierra Grand Opening
  • Guam declares October as STARBASE month
  • STARBASE Hanscom partners with Bridgewater State University

Circuit Newsletter March 2023

  • STARBASE Minnesota-St. Paul trip to Medtronic
  • STARBASE Kelly' new mentor program
  • STARBASE Montana student spotlight 
  • STARBASE Idaho sponsers First Lego League Qualifier
  • STARBASE Guam visit Cope North Training

Circuit Newsletter April 2023

  • STARBASE High Sierra serves all
  • STARBASE Alpena lego brick building contest 
  • STARBASE Patrick rocketry 
  • STARBASE Peterson Colorado Area Dental Lab partnership 

Circuit Newsletter May 2023

  • STARBASE Robins outreach 
  • STARBASE Indiana-Gary outreach
  • STARBASE Salina robotics competition 
  • STARBASE Sioux Falls celebrates reading 

Circuit Newsletter June 2023

  • STARBASE Minnesota-St. Paul staff spotlight
  • STARBASE Idaho botball robotics club
  • STARBASE Patrick host General Raymond
  • STARBASE Louisiana JROTC rocketry 2.0 

Circuit Newsletter July-August 2023

  • STARBASE Louisiana recognized with DOD STEM award
  • Kansas Congressional Members tour STARBASE sites
  • STARBASE Fort Drum hosts tour for emerging community leaders 
  • STARBASE Montana participates in the 2023 Montana STEM Summit
  • STARBASE Jackson Barracks program highlight 

Circuit Newsletter September 2023

  • STARBASE Salina - summer camps
  • STARBASE Wyoming - Shoshone tribal outreach 
  • STARBASE Vandenberg - Exceptional Family Members program
  • STARBASE Winchester - summer camps
  • STARBASE Peterson - 1st grader outreach 
  • STARBASE Pensacola - STEM University 

Circuit Newsletter October 2023

  • STARBASE Patrick - First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visit 
  • STARBASE Guam - Summer camps
  • STARBASE Puerto Rico - technology upgrades
  • STARBASE Hawaii - NLTV feature 
  • Remembering STARBASE colleague Cheryl Arbour

Circuit Newsletter January 2024

  • Every Student Succeeds Act
  • STARBASE Minnesota Duluth - Director of Air National Guard Recognition 
  • STARBASE Sioux Falls - volunteer spotlight 
  • STARBASE Robins - First Lego League spotlight