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Plans and Programming Bureau

Plans and Programming Bureau Chief

Rick Lamach


The mission of the Plans & Programming Bureau is to manage the planning, programming, GIS, and real property responsibilities for the Montana Army National Guard.

Real Property Development Plan (RPDP) is a yearly submission composed of the TAG Narrative, Capital investment strategy and the Long Range Construction Plan. This document provides guidance for MILCON and SRM expenditures for 25+years.

TAG Narrative is submitted yearly to NGB and details the Adjutant General's construction priorities for the current MILCON cycle. It includes major and minor MILCON, Super SRM projects, energy projects, demo projects, range projects and special projects.

Long Range Construction Plan (LRCP) is a list of projects in PRIDE and contains all the projects called out in the TAG narrative as well as all major and minor MILCON projects as prioritized by the Adjutant General.

Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) is a list of projects too small for the LRCP and focused on maintenance of existing facilities. Created in conjunction with the facilities lifecycle plan.

Installation Master Plan (IMP) is the roadmap to building out an installation for Fort Harrison and Limestone Hills Training Area to its full scope of authorization. This was completed in 2018 and will be up for renewal in 2023 as required by regulation.

Range Complex Master Plan (RCMP) is created using the RCMP-T. RCMP is a plan to maintain and build ranges in accordance with allowances called out by STRAC, validated by the RCMP-T and based on manning. This plan is a joint effort created in conjunction with the J3 and Training Site HQ.

Readiness Center Transformation Master Plan (RCTMP) was a study funded by congress to help the NG improve the condition and adequacy of its facilities. This plan is 6 years old and currently is scheduled to be updated the summer and fall of 2021. This plan will be based on stationing, facilities and training requirements and should drive construction of readiness centers and associated facilities in the future.

Plans and Programming Bureau Chief Rick Lamach 324-3132

-Acts as Master Planner for the Montana Army National Guard (MTARNG).

-Has oversight of the three areas of Plans and Programming Bureau.

-Manages ACUB program, Plans and Programming Bureau Finances, Personnel, and Special Projects.

GIS Hilary Syvertson

-Creates and distributes geographic maps, tables and graphics.

-Updates and maintains GIS database.

-Implements interactive web maps for CFMO Personnel.

Real Property SPC Catee McHugh

-Updates and maintains real property database.

-Submits annual FISP certification.

-Inspects MTARNG real property assets to ensure accuracy.

Planning Vicki Thompson and David Brown

-Coordinates MILCON (Military Construction) efforts for the MTARNG.

-Manages multiple databases, such as ASIP (Army Stationing & Installation Plan) and RPLANS (Real Property Planning & Analysis System).

-Ensures planning efforts required by National Guard Bureau (NGB), Department of the Army and Department of Defense (DoD) are completed. properly.