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State of Montana National Guard Referral Incentive Program

Effective 1 October 2023, the Montana National Guard Referral Incentive Program provides for $500 payments to Soldiers, Airmen and veterans who refer someone to the Montana National Guard. Current members of the Montana Army and Air National Guard below the rank of Colonel are eligible for a payment, as are all honorably discharged veterans. Payments will only be made once a referred individual enlists. The application form below gives more details on requirements and eligibility. For more information, please contact 406-324-3164 or 406-791-0665.

Submitting A Referral Claim

  • The Referrer requesting the enlistment incentive payment who will recieve the amount totalling $500.00 fills out the Referrer Application form (either digitally or by hand), and submits the completed form via email to, or by mail to:
DMA Director's Office - GRIP
PO Box 4789
1956 Mt Majo St
Fort Harrison, MT 59636

  • The Department of Military Affairs will process the application after verification from the National Guard. The State of Montana will process the enlistment incentive payment in the amount of $500.00 and send it to the Referrer.