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Facilities Management Branch


Facilities Management Bureau Chief

Chris Denning


The Facilities Management Branch/Bureau is responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of approximately 2,000,000 square feet of Federal and State owned facilities used primarily by the Montana Army National Guard statewide. (Reg. NGR 420-10)

  • Facility Maintenance: Plans and programs major and minor maintenance projects and performs routine maintenance to properly care for all Federal and State owned facilities managed by the CFMO. These facilities are primarily used by the MTARNG however includes other tenants such as other DMA State entities, the Army Reserves, the Navy Reserves and the Marine Reserves.


  • Installation Status Reporting (ISR): Gathers and provides Installation Status Report information from a variety of MTARNG Directorates and by performing site inspections then submits them through the MTARNG chain of command to National Guard Bureau. The data gathered includes: infrastructure conditions including the functionality of facilities, costs of services provided by the National Guard and the level of services provided by the National Guard. Information gathered assists in establishing federal funding for future years.


  • Facility Assessment: Manages the facilities system condition assessment program (BUILDER SMS) to include reporting and updating facility conditions reports to National Guard Bureau as required by DoD mandate as well as providing facility assessments to the State of MT per MCA 17-7-202. The Statewide facility assessments include condition assessments of both State and Federally owned facilities. The data from these thorough facility condition assessments is reviewed and analyzed with the information then used to establish projects and set priorities.


  • Energy Management: Monitors and manages the energy use in MTARNG facilities. Works with members of the military to reduce energy use while maintaining critical functions. Energy use is in the form of electricity, natural gas, propane, water, and wastewater. In addition to monitoring energy use, develops and implements energy conservation measures to reduce overall energy consumption. Example of efficiency improvements include lighting upgrades, installation of high-efficiency equipment, and improved operations through digital controls. Works with statewide consulting engineers and contractors to accomplish goals.


  • Building Automation Systems: Manages and operates all of the heating and cooling systems for all CFMO managed facilities statewide using MTARNG networked computer controls. The networked building automation system is used for scheduling use of all areas of all buildings; monitoring efficient operations of the buildings heating, cooling and hot water (in some facilities grounds irrigation and lighting), ensuring that systems are operating within appropriate ranges and for monitoring the HVAC systems conditions.


  • Service contracts: Ensures that the appropriate service contracts are in place for all facilities statewide. Contracts including lawn mowing, janitorial, crane inspections, fire systems inspections and monitoring.


  • Work order system (PRIDE): Utilizes the PRIDE work order system, which is a National Guard Bureau database, to identify short term and long term projects, immediate and future repairs and programmed routine maintenance projects.


  • Funding: Funding for O&M is a combination of both State General fund and Federally reimbursed funds based on facility use and ownership. For example: State owned armories are funded 50/50, Federally owned armories are funded 75% Federal and 25% State, buildings used solely for training and military equipment maintenance are 100% Federally reimbursed.


  • Maintains 24/7 response for all immediate facility repair needs statewide.

Facilities Management Bureau Chief Chris Denning 324-3102

Supervising Manager Construction Trades Darwin Sharbono 324-3719

Supervising Manager Mechanical Maintenance Frank Foster 324-3712

On-Call 24 Hour Post Engineer 461-4490