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Disposal of Surplus IT Property

DMA programs are required to follow the Surplus Property Management policy (MOM-GSD-POL-Surplus Property Management) when retiring or disposing of equipment.

The Military Affairs Information Technology (MAIT) office will assist DMA programs with this process. Per the DMA - Damage, Theft, Misplacement, and Replacement of Equipment procedure, and unless otherwise arranged, the general duration of the device replacement cycle for DMA is 5 years. This includes workstations/laptops, company owned cell phones, RSA tokens, and peripherals.

The MAIT office has increasingly limited storage space, therefore DMA programs should follow these guidelines when looking to retire or dispose of equipment:

  • Identify any items or equipment that have been or will be scheduled for replacement, or any items that are no longer needed and should be retired.
  • After items are identified, complete the DMA Declaration of Surplus IT Property Form and email it to
  • MAIT will coordinate with the program to schedule a pickup during our next visit, or coordinate the transfer of the equipment to another program or to the Helena office.
  • MAIT will also coordinate with the State Surplus Property and Recycling program if there are any items that are eligible for surplus. 
    • Items accepted to State Surplus that resell for over $750 are eligible for a 5% reimbursement to the program.
  • For items that are not eligible for surplus, MAIT will inform the programs when the next disposal run will take place so we can coordinate transfer and storage of items.
  • Additionally, MAIT may authorize the program to dispose of poor or scrap quality items locally.
PLEASE NOTE: MAIT will not accept any equipment that is not listed on a completed declaration form, including:
  • Additional items identified when doing site visits;
  • Items that are too big to fit in the available vehicle without damage;
  • Items that are dropped off at our main office.